Choice travel


Choice Hotels needed to increase inbound traffic and bookings to its properties across the U.S.


A monthly content program that offered travel tips, budget destinations, and trip inspiration in the form of articles, listicles and graphics. Organic search brought in visitors via 50 new pieces of content per year. Content was regularly optimized based on analytics.


—Grew organic traffic 13% in 2019

—Same-session bookings steadily increased over a two year period (2018 – 2020)

—Increased same-session bookings 37% from 2018 to 2019

—In 2019 state landing pages like FL, CA, NC, Texas and NY tripled in views

The work

Editorial content program

See the full page as a PDF.

Campaigns and video

My team developed video-driven campaigns that showcased new Choice properties and their value proposition.

Examples include:

Travel where it matters

Go further, Stay closer.

The loyalty program

I wrote and directed the creative on a landing page that communicated the loyalty program in a new, more audience-centric way.