Walmart World


2016 through 2017 I ran Walmart World, a content marketing channel aimed at activating Walmart store associates across the globe.


I led a team of writers, editors, designers, strategists, and filmmakers that created for the daily publishing hub,, and published Walmart World magazine for 12 issues a year.

During my time I increased visitors 255% in 2016 and 245% in 2017 by refocusing content on audience needs, improving creative quality, and optimizing for mobile. In a survey, associates who read Walmart World indicated they felt more motivated and inspired to do great work.

My team also produced and covered live store events across the U.S, created and shipped activation kits to align store messaging, and created social content for national and local social handles.

By forging a relationship with the head of Walmart global communications and his team, I was able to expand our editorial coverage to Asia, Europe, Africa, and Central America.


    • Time on site was 3x the industry average
    • Audience of 1.3MM associates
    • 3 in 4 readers said the content made them proud to work there
    • Over 600 content assets created every year

The work


Walmart World magazine


Download an example issue: June 2017 PDF

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Screen capture included to show volume of content and example topics.