A little about me

Photo credit: Ryan Donnell

Hey there!

I’m currently a Group Creative Director (Copy) at PACE in Greensboro, NC. My expertise is in content marketing and brand storytelling. I’ve helped conceive and lead major content programs (industries include financial, technology, retail, and travel), and have led the development of both scripted and documentary brand films.

As a GCD Copy I’ve grown large agency accounts (Verizon, Walmart, Truist) and led story-driven, integrated marketing campaigns that build trust and inspire audiences to take action.

I’m experienced in B2C and B2B, and have led employee content programs, too, including one of the largest in the world for Walmart.

My portfolio never quite keeps up with my work, so if you’d like to see specific examples or have a question, let me know.

A bit more about me—since you asked?

My mission: Build creative teams that help companies tell unique and original brand stories that get great results. 

A core belief: Happy people create way better work.

Past and current clients: PepsiCo, Walmart, Facebook, Verizon, Truist, Interstate Batteries, AAA, Nucor, Choice Hotels, 3M, Wells Fargo, Brighthouse Financial

Results: Higher conversion rates, bigger page views, engaged audiences, growing clients, new followers, and happy teams that set the tone, build your culture, and create change.

Awards: Content Marketing Agency of the Year (2021, 2016, 2013), Addy for Branded Film (2019), Pearl Awards Best Design – Walmart World (2017), W3 Awards Best Interactive Video (2015), CCC Best Web Feature (2014), CCC Best How to Article (2014)

Origin story:  I came up on the writer side, but my first love has always been ideas. Curiosity led me across disciplines. A self-learner, I moved from writing to editing, design to coding, from SEO to social, and on to brand filmmaking and UX. I’ve always believed hands-on experience is key before leading a team. My biggest learning along the way has been that people matter most. And team culture is what drives the success of any project or company. 

The secret sauce: I can speak to Creative and Strategy and I’m comfortable leading editorial publishing or an integrated ad campaign. I listen first, empathize, then act.

Leadership style: I lead by example and believe a leader should serve those on his or her team, bringing out each person’s strengths. Everyone is represented and heard.

Content I have experience in: Films, documentary videos, articles, interviews, social posts, Snap filters, infographics, emails, subscription boxes, web sites, magazines, content programs, events, display ads, scripts, white papers, taglines, music.

Personality and emotional intelligence:

  • Calm, cool, and creative under pressure
  • StrengthsFinder: Connectedness, Strategic, Ideation, Empathy, Adaptability.
  • Enneagram 9: The Peacemaker
  • Myers Briggs: INFP, outgoing introvert

Full resume available upon request.

Get in touch.