Born to care


Fuel an integrated campaign with a brand story that brings to life the idea that Truist teammates deeply care about their clients and communities.

What does it look like when you are “born to care”?


A brand film about Lianne Wang, a Truist teammate that volunteered to rappel off of a 14-story building to raise money for homelessness, despite a great fear of heights. The story sought to answer the question: what would compel someone to do this for their community?

The film, photography and storylines were versioned and published across dozens of channels and audiences: internal and external, paid and organic.

The hero film | 4 min

Three version were cut: 2min, 4min and 8min. Audience testing revealed all three were well received with the target audience, but the 4min brought the brand message to life the best.

The story started in social

We concepted :15 and :30 versions that teased the story, in 9×16, 1×1 and 16×9 orientations.

15 sec 16×9 for Social

15 sec 9×16 for Social

Story landing page

Promotional assets drove our audience to a hero landing page that told an extended story, enticed people to get involved, and connected them to down-funnel thought leadership content provided by the brand.

Note: Above image is a cropped version. Full page available upon request.

Distribution and channels

The story was versioned across the brand ecosystem to serve different needs and audiences.

  • How-to’s and tips from Lianne appeared in thought leadership content and email program
  • A corporate communications story showed the impact of living your purpose
  • A condensed story on the intranet peaked employee interest and engagement
  • Paid media campaign was fueled with Social, Display and Rich media
  • Retail screens in bank branches and in interactive “purpose wall” in the corporate office ran different formats and orientations of the film
  • Executive leadership shared the story as an example of teammate leadership and living out your purpose

A deeper look at the story through photography

Photography by Ryan Donnell