Life-Changing Decisions


Create awareness of three new BB&T consumer credit cards. Position cards as “with you for the long run”.


A two-minute, award-winning brand film told the story of a couple’s life and how the bank played a supporting role. The film fueled an integrated marketing campaign across digital, social, YouTube and display.

Hero film

Social told the story 3 ways—to 3 audiences

When divided into thirds, the hero film became three unique spots—one for each credit card. And expanded content captured during the shoot supported a variety of messaging (from awareness to conversion) for the cards and the brand.

:15 cut for the Bright Card

 :15 cut for the Cash Rewards Card

:15 cut for the Travel Rewards Card

Instagram Stories

Facebook Carousels


Display Banners


Cinemagraphs brought the landing page to life


Animated GIFs