Podcast and financial guidance


A financial services company wanted to demonstrate its novel approach to banking, and offer expert advice and tips that demonstrated a holistic approach to money and wellbeing.


I led the creation of an editorial content program built around the brand’s tenets for financial success. It offers unique money content and advice, built on the premise that your mental approach to money and happiness is as important as day-to-day budgeting, saving and investing.

The hallmark of the editorial program is an original podcast hosted by two of their teammates.

A mix of articles, graphics and tips are published each month to guide and help the Gen Z and Millennial audience. The premise is that how you think about money is as important as what you know about it. The content offers help in both areas—and a monthly email keeps the conversation going.

The podcast is planned, recorded and released on a monthly cadence. It’s hosted by two expert employees that demonstrate the real world benefits of the brand’s unique approach to money and happiness.


  • People who engage with the content program are twice as likely to convert down-funnel.
  • The podcast consistently reaches the top 10% of financial podcasts within the first 7 days of an episode release. This is accomplished without paid promotion.